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  • Tent series
    Beautiful appearance, generous, frame
    material for high-quality steel pipe,
    surface after high-temperature paint
    treatment, corrosion resistance.
  • Sun umbrella series
    Mainly fixed on the ground. At the
    same time, it has the functions of
    anti-ultraviolet, rain and high wind
  • Skeleton series
    Shrinkage skeleton, light and
    convenient to carry. Steel is the most
    durable, not easy to break, long
    service life.
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Specialized customization for you

Heshan Fugang Outdoor Goods Co., Ltd. produces more than 100 kinds of tents, sun umbrellas, beach umbrellas, straight-pole umbrellas, craft umbrellas, folding umbrellas, golf umbrellas, advertising umbrellas and other series. They are novel in style, well-made and popular with users. They have been certified by the national quality management department and sold well all over the country. Big cities, and exports to Europe, America, the Middle East, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Always adhere to high quality and low price, honest service.

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Specialized customization for you
Heshan Fugang Outdoor Products Co., Ltd.

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